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Advanced Techniques

Most effective techniques of counselling are used to bring best results.

Specialised Counselling Process

Walk away from your consultation with a plan designed FOR YOU to help you achieve your wants, needs and goals.

Time-Effective Therapy

We take the most effective route to bring the results always considering your time as precious.

Expert Treatment

You get a chance to get treated by therapists who are experts in the industry. Our psychologists have received training from te best schools of counselling.

Fully Equipped Clinic

No longer worry about having the right environment for counselling. You can feel like home here.

Try us over phone

Please call us and share your concern. Our team will help you know the route that we will take. We are always there to guide you.

Why you should choose us

9,000+ happy clients
15+ years presence in the industry
20+ Expert Psychologists

How it Works

1 Confirming your requirementCall us and understand our process and the route that we will take to resolve your specific concern
2 Selecting the right psychologist Our team will help you select the most suitable psychologist for you as per your concern and budget
3 Continually taking FeedbackWe are here for you 24x7 to help you heal quickly

Our Team

Dr. Kamal Khurana

Dr. Khurana with his effective skills, is committed to help people in creating a positive and fulfilling relationship. Dr Khurana has worked intensively since two decades and finally he could create a technique that provides practical solutions for everyday issues in relationships. His specialisation areas include pre-marriage counseling, post-marriage therapy, relationship counseling. At present he is working on ways to inculcate and realise peace in everyday living.

His passion and vision lies in providing instant and long-lasting counseling accessible to every person who wants to be helped.

Suhani Singh

Suhani Singh has a natural orientation towards helping and counselling. Her deep empathy skills help her in understanding The Self in every area of life and how different selves relate to each other. Her passion is in helping an individual enhance self enrichment and well-being, thereby raising the quality of living . Her belief is that when a person is able to understand himself/herself then understanding another individual is easier. Her zeal lies in restoring back the intimacy which the couples once had.