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Advanced Techniques

Most effective techniques of counselling are used to bring best results.

Specialised Counselling Process

Walk away from your consultation with a plan designed FOR YOU to help you achieve your wants, needs and goals.

Time-Effective Therapy

We take the most effective route to bring the results always considering your time as precious.

Expert Treatment

You get a chance to get treated by therapists who are experts in the industry. Our psychologists have received training from te best schools of counselling.

Fully Equipped Clinic

No longer worry about having the right environment for counselling. You can feel like home here.

Try us over phone

Please call us and share your concern. Our team will help you know the route that we will take. We are always there to guide you.

Why you should choose us

9,000+ happy clients
15+ years presence in the industry
20+ Expert Psychologists

How it Works

1 Confirming your requirementCall us and understand our process and the route that we will take to resolve your specific concern
2 Selecting the right psychologist Our team will help you select the most suitable psychologist for you as per your concern and budget
3 Continually taking FeedbackWe are here for you 24x7 to help you heal quickly

Relationship Counselling

Relationship acts as a Backbone of your life.

If you look deep within, Life revolves around relationships. Relationships are the core foundation for physical and mental wellbeing. You might be emotionally balanced in all other domains of life, but we must not forget that relationships impact us too.

The distress arises the moment you realize that they are so different. Ironical part is, you do your best to match with others perception but fail. Hence you feel helpless and assume that you are not able to understand people.

You feel painful thinking about early days were good and now it’s about fights and anger outbursts.
And in the middle of this, your plans go awry as these people are the backbones of your life that you can ignore or reject and move on. Don’t worry MOST OF US FEEL THIS WAY!

  • Compatibility
  • Compatibility in a relationship is vital
  • How to find a right life partner for me?
  • It’s a mystifying process for all of us in today’s scenario


We provide a tool that will help you to understand if you are ready for a marriage.


Compatibility in a relationship is determined by analyzing the ability in two people.

Wonderful fact is that the term compatibility is about being able to exist in agreement and adaptable with each other. It is important to understand that two people will always be different and unique.

A compatible relationship is about relating to the partners sameness and differences. Hence the first task is to understand yourself and personality of your partner.

When you will know yourself well then you can help the other know you well. When you will know the other person, only then you can relate yourself with the person. In all it’s about keeping your relationship intact and nurturing love by enjoying each other’s differences.


Counseling can save a Relationship! So Share

You will find us one of your good friends who are non judgmental and accept you completely. You will find it very easy to share your deepest desires and fears as we are there to listen you all and understand you. We make sure that you feel safe by walking with you and work together to make it happen for you.

Create a healthy relationship

THE COUNSELLING INSTITUTE provides an environment of sensitivity, care and support to help you find a route to create the relationship you always wished for.

Counseling on Phone

We are available over telephone incase it is really difficult for you socially , emotionally or whatever reason you don’t wish to seek counseling face to face .Our counseling over telephone is of great help.

Online Counseling

We also offer online counseling when you and your partner don’t want to disclose you identity. Even though face to face interaction is the best way but online counseling does help in specific cases.



Irrespective of your expectations from us, we assure that you find yourself in a better position after the sessions. You will be able to relate with your partner and will be able to nurture the relationship as well.


All relationships can ripple at times when they go through the phases of great understandings and misunderstandings. We here teach you that even in the middle of uncertainties how you can create the needed bond and be united.

Become Self Sufficient

You will be capable to deal with issues in relationships related to family, siblings, children, and friends and even at work.


  • Non judgmental
  • Maintain confidentiality under all circumstances
  • Specialists in this fields
  • High success ratio


Our clients experience the warmth in the very beginning over the phone before deciding up for the appointment .They feel safe and secure which is most important. From the little chat over the phone, they realize that no matter how serious their situation, they will come out of it soon. When they come for a session they do see ray of hope that they will surely find a solutions to their problems. By the time they attend second and third session, they witness the magical transforming in the way they are in their relationships and we also teach them skills to recreate the magic again and again.