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Premarrital Counselling

Marriage is one of the most significant and life changing event, we face. Thus, it’s very important to ask few questions from yourself before you get married. Some of them are:

  • Why do I want to get married ?
  • Why do I want to get married to this person?
  • Should I marry someone I am not attracted to?
  • Will a long distance relationship will work?
  • Should I go for an arranged marriage?
  • Will marriage of some other caste / religion will work?

No one is perfect, but if we make some assessments and plans, then we increase the probability of a healthy marriage. Pre marriage Counselling helps you to choose a right direction and a step towards preparing for the joys and challenges of a marriage.

Marriage is about the commitment .Commitment to our selves and to the relationship should be given before the wedding. Pre marriage counseling helps in knowing the other to a great extent. Thus it helps in resolving the issues in advance and empowers you to look ahead for a happier marriage.



It is very important to understand that marriage is beyond living together with someone who loves you ad whom you will love. We here help you to understand what marriage is.


Marriage is a lifetime commitment, it is always better to resolve the conflicts you have in your mind before tying the knot. If you come with your partner we help you to face the issues in hand an also with fears you have for your future, so you both can relate and connect with each other and make a very positive beginning.


We give you an environment where you observe yourself from a distance which helps you to see your actual reality with objectivity. There is one reality which you perceive and there is an actual reality. We help to assess the actual reality so that you make the decision which is good for you.

Be assured that we don’t judge and take sides. If you are already in a relationship and there is dilemma, we will never conclude that you should discontinue the relationship and not go for marriage.


Our vast experience with thousands of couples has helped us to know the variety of problems that exist. So our experts help you to know the problems you might face and empower how to deal with them .If you already see a problem in hand, we will surely help you on that.


Marriage is a union of two different individuals. You need to be a couple and also mutually decide on the roles you will play as a couple. Lots of people have doubts if they will be able to do justice to their roles as a husband and wife .Our team facilitates an easy transition from bachelorhood to being married.

Get equipped with Skills

So far, you must be dealing independently with your life issues. Now being with another person and being responsible as a team is little different. We empower you in advance with skills so that you cope with every situation well and act as a support to each other.


Love is you do what other person expects you to do .It is important to know what the other person wants from you. With our immense experience, we have seen couples are confused around this core concept of marriage. We help you to know your partners worlds so that you are able to love to each other.



Being compatible is most important for couple. Even if one partner has the willingness to be compatible to the other, we can teach the skill to be compatible with the. When you put your efforts from the beginning, the probability becomes low of having any difficulty later.


Being connected to the other person is very important in a marriage. It’s understanding the other’s world and helping the other to understand our world. Marriages start form attraction and turn to love, but very few are able to create the connection. This lack of connection later on creates irreparable damages to the relationship. If couples learn how to connect in time, they are able to keep the love and attraction forever.


It sounds simple and easy for you. But when are not able to make other person understand our situation, it’s all because of our improper communication. There are techniques and magical ways which makes it easy for you to share your thoughts with your partner. With right communication, you have no misunderstanding and love blossoms.

Bonding love

If relationships are plants, then love is the water that they need regularly. Love is touching the other’s heart. Love is helping the other know that he/she is really important. If you are a woman, we help you know how a man’s mind works, what makes him feel loved, what is his perception of love and if you are a man; we help understand a woman better. Even if we had relationships earlier, it is still a great chance that we are unaware about how the other gender perceives and wants.

Future Vision

Marriage is for a lifetime and it’s very important for a couple to maintain a spark in the relationship. The most common cause is monotony in the relationship. This can lead to lot of other problems for a relationship like infidelity, growing apart etc.

We bring the awareness about monotony and consequences and also educate you about how to create the spark in your marriage.

There are different stages in marriage and we brief you in detail the critical aspects of all stages and make self sufficient to handle all the stages like parenthood, family hood etc

Addition to existing family through marriage

This is the most common issue among women who are about to get married. And certainly can become very serious and disastrous if not handled with care. We help you to know how to orient the new member to your family and also how to prepare the family of origin for a warm welcome and acceptance of the new member. Husband has to play his role as a facilitator too for an easy transition.


  • Non judgmental
  • Maintain confidentiality under all circumstances
  • Specialists in the field
  • High success ratio


Out of all the work, we find the pre marriage counseling the most fulfilling. After so much of an experience in pre marriage and marriage we have can predict what is going on someone’s mind.

It’s great experience with pre marriage couples where they wisely create a warm environment and adjust with their partners and families.