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Walk away from your consultation with a plan designed FOR YOU to help you achieve your wants, needs and goals.

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We take the most effective route to bring the results always considering your time as precious.

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You get a chance to get treated by therapists who are experts in the industry. Our psychologists have received training from te best schools of counselling.

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Marriage Counselling

Love can be created again !

And now you must be having following questions in mind :

  • Is this possible ?
  • How will I deal with my in laws?
  • How can I have a peaceful married life ?
  • Is it possible to have same relationship with my husband now ?
  • How can I get a peace of mind ?
  • Should I go for marriage counseling ?

All of us are unaware of the fact that awareness and set of skills can help us to find the answers to these questions. Accepting help for issues enables you to access objectivity in conflicts and leads to a marriage you have hoped for.

We here provide you with tools and teach you step by step to have loving and long lasting marriage.



We have experts who first listen to you and your partner separately to help you know the reality. And in the later sessions, you get the fair chance to understand your partner. In the whole process we are never biased towards you or your partner. This clarity gives you direction and you create success in your marriage.

Deal with issues.

This is the reason you have come to us and we surely help you to deal with issues. We educate you how to identify the causative factors for the conflicts so that you become independent and also in future whenever you encounter difference of opinions, you are able to find the way rather than attacking each other.

The idea is to help you become efficient couples who can work together in touch times as well.


This involves how to influence people, make them happy and make them trust you. Most important is to understand what others want to listen from you. We teach how to know what others want to listen from you and equally important is to know what others want from you which can only be known from them. This way you understand why your partner behaves in a particular way. You need to assess and convey the outcome of what you want from your partner also.

Create a happy home

Marriage is a pillar to a family and any conflicts definitely impacts all the members of the family. The biases of the family members change the dynamics of the whole family. If the couple has kids, the conflicts victimize the kids surely. And when couple tries to manipulate their stand by using kids. Kids feel fearful and blame themselves for the fights.

Marriage counseling not only help the couple to resolves their issues and create a love relationship but also help in minimizing the impact of negativity on the kids.

Handle Tough Situations

The disconnect between the couple can only make them see separation as a way out. The situation can be reversed. We help the couple to deal with adverse conditions in the marriage like infidelity, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, issues within laws, lack of sexual intimacy and issues related to finance.

In the conditions we work independently with either of the couple and in some cases together too. It is important for an individual to work and partner to support. When both work together as a team, only then every area can be worked upon completely.


Conflict resolution

Conflicts can be resolved in marriages. The problem lies when the partner knows that there is a conflict and think it’s others responsibility to resolve the conflict. This attitude doesn’t take both of them anywhere. We help you to learn how to resolve the conflicts in our presence and also at home and you perfect the skill within few sessions.

Sharing needs

We here teach how to assess a situation person and have a right attitude. It is a true fact that you don’t get what you don’t ask for. So it is important to tell it to your partner. The gap comes because both of you focus on what you don’t want. In all this both of you don’t know what you want from each other.

Our experts help you to learn how to help your partner as team and share your wants.


Marriage is a union between two people. It’s very important for both the partners to accept themselves as they are so they can build the connection with each other where you are able to freely share about them. Our purpose is to help to create togetherness which is a core purpose of marriage. It’s only going to happen when both of you will express each other freely.

Nurturing love

When a marriage goes through lot of conflicts and negative incidents, the love fades away. Apart from resolving issues, it is important to re create the love between the two people. This do needs lot of willingness from both of them.

We work on one principle that everyone needs love which makes things possible. Our experts help you know what love is and how to love.


  • Non judgmental
  • Maintain confidentiality under all circumstances
  • Specialists in the field
  • High success ratio


Our job becomes easy for people who have a strong desire to make their marriage work. Our tested process, can get you the love back again n your marriage. Our competency lies in that we not biased towards people but we are biased towards marriage. If you want it, we prove that it can work upon.

We provide you with an atmosphere where you are not driven by negativity and learn how to aid to your partners need.